What is Z Wave?

Z wave is a new emerging home automation solution that enables users to control home appliances with RF signal and mesh network. Z wave is suitable for smart home applications and able to control lighting, door locks, roller and blinds, room temperature and so on. Putting together a smart home is all about efficiency. Whether it is a simple coffee maker that automatically brews your coffee, a garment steamer that is twice as fast as an iron, or a whole ecosystem of z wave electronics working in symphony the aim is to help you save time so you can spend it doing things you love.

Z Wave is considered as the most effective technology in home automation, as it creates a wireless network between every home appliances or devices using low-power radio frequency signals. Z-wave not only control all your devices but also enables you to have access remotely, this mean you can simply get control over home appliances from anywhere using Z-wave via internet. This new technology in home automation is a boon for home security.

Z-wave products are quite sufficient to save energy of your house, as they work outside 2.4 GHz frequency range. Moreover, inbuilt smart meter to Z-wave specifications allows user to regulate their energy usage in home. This technology can be add to a device, whole home, a particular room or entire floor, moreover it is perfect for the Do-It-Yourselfer. Just imagine, as you going outside your home and forgot to switch off lights or any other device, z-wave technology can turn off lights and as well as music system through a touch of control panel.

There are many areas of Z-wave technology, such as lighting, climate control, garage door control, multi-room audio, and security etc, these all can be controlled by installing home automation systems. Doors can be unlocked remotely, you can attend a visitor without even physically present at your home. You can watch your children activities with the help of network cam, you can distribute your music like playing different music in the different room or floors and suppose you fail to turn off your music system before leaving, you can then turn it off remotely through Z-wave technology.
Z-Wave comes with plug-in dimmers that can be plugged directly into wall outlets and can support various ramp rates whether you control them locally (inside your residence) or remotely. There are also plug-in dimmers that can dim lamps in groups or individually by means of a controller, which will save you a lot of time and effort if you're in a hurry.

If you're not totally sure on your home needs, you can always get a starter kit, which should enable you to effortlessly automate your house - from your lighting to your appliances - via your iPhone. It is a secure, wireless, and economical way to control your home regardless if you are away or not. A starter kit will contain a Z-Wave plug-in switch controller, which permits you to watch for your energy consumption aside from letting you control your appliances and various home equipment; a home control application for your iPhone; a plug-in dimmer controller, and a home server.

The great thing about home control powered by Z-Wave is that you can quickly add items as your necessity arises. This will help you provide your future automation necessities, whether it is setting up a motion-sensor alarm system or changing your old thermostat with a totally sophisticated model.

Taking charge of your home - from scheduling your sprinkler system to switching off the lights - even though you're far from home is never a luxury but rather a necessity in this technologically advance times. With energy charges skyrocketing and the undeniable importance of home security, the installation of a control system to automate your residence is the smart way to live. Automate your house now.